• Basic Information

  • Capital City: Kuala Lumpur

  • Language: Malay

  • Currency: Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)

  • Local Time: GMT +8

  • Telephone Code: +60

  • Banks: Closed on Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Closed on first and third Saturday of the month.

  • Exchange Rate: 1.00 Malaysia Ringgit is equivalent to 19.87 BDT

  • Population: 32,772,100

  • GDP: $373.447 billion

  • Total area: 127,724 square mile

  • Largest City: Kuala Lumpur.

  • Popular Working Place: Nestle, AirAsia, Intel Corporation, Malayan Banking, Sime Darby and other companies.

  • Reasons to work in Malaysia

For getting permission to work in, you need to grab a work visa for Malaysia.

If you need to work in a foreign country, then you must remember; the economic and political stability of that country is needed. And Malaysia is a country having two of them.

Malaysia is enriched with good infrastructure such as extensive road networks, great financial institutions, world-class airport and so on.

The cost of living is affordable with supporting weather of the country’s climate. So your body will not be affected during work. The property price is also lower than in other countries.

Working Visa Malaysia

The natives are much friendly with the other country’s people who work there. You can also use English to communicate with them. Malaysia is called a food paradise, so you may not face any problem with food while staying there.

Most important, the ownership problem is zero levels there.

Stuff to get Malaysia to work visa from Bangladesh:

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