Job Fair Report 2019
  • Basic Information

  • Capital City: Beijing

  • Language: Mandarin

  • Currency: CNY (Chinese Yuan Renminbi)

  • Local Time: GMT +8

  • Telephone Code: +86

  • Banks: Closed on Saturday and Sunday

  • Exchange Rate: 1 CNY (Chinese Yuan Renminbi) is equivalent to 11.95 BDT

  • Population: 1,403,500,365

  • GDP: 14,216 trillion

  • Total area: 9.597 million km²

  • Largest City: Shanghai

  • Popular Working Places: This huge country has lot of work places. So it’s hard to specify the places.

  • Reasons to work in China

To work in China, you need a work visa. These are the reasons why you should go to China for working:


China is a country of huge population. So it is normal to find very much various works there. You can change jobs at any time. For these lots of choices, jobs are flexible there.


China is a place where you can get a good salary too. Though the exchange rate with China and Bangladesh is not so satisfactory still it can give you a good salary.


For the huge amount of living people there. You can find a different culture and a great experience in your working life. You will get to know different people, languages, cultures, religions and so on.

Work Visa China

China is a lot safer than you might think. The locals and government are helpful at your safety there.


For getting a work visa for China, you need to get these with you to get a work visa for China from Bangladesh:

By arranging these, you can have China Work Visa on your hand.

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