• Basic Information

  • Capital City: Washington D.C.

  • Currency: United States Dollar (USD).

  • Local Time: GMT-5.

  • Telephone Code: +1

  • Banks: Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Exchange Rate: 1.0 USD (US Dollar) similar to 83.72 BDT.

  • Population: 327.2 million.

  • GDP: $20.494 trillion

  • Total area: 3.8 million square miles

  • Largest City: New York City.

  • Popular travel destinations:  Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, maui, Glacier natinal Park, New York City, Washington D.C, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Boston, Telluride, Honolulu etc.

  • Reasons to Visit USA

The USA is a country you must visit if you’re able to get a Tourist Visa for the USA. Let’s know the reasons for traveling there.


This country is enriched with a unique history and various attractive museums. If you are interested in antiques, then the museums there will make you feel amazed by their collections. It has more than 36,000 museums. They can be a window to the world’s unique history of war, movement, literature, etc. American history will be cleared to you by visiting the museums. No matter which city you visit, you can find a museum there.


There are many ethnics, other country’s people in the USA. So the cultural backgrounds are also various. If your taste is for knowing different cultures, then it’s a good place for you of course. You can see different ways of living with different classes of people.

Tourist Visa USA

American Midwest is a travel-worthy place. It is to the forested country Northwest. Here you can find the Rocky Mountains. These mountains with sloppy forest will blow your mind away.

This country is riched with many dishes too. Those are different from their ethnic variations. Here you can get Italian, German, Mexican and other famous places dishes.

Most wonderfully, America can fulfill your wish for traveling to Africa. Shocked? Don’t be. Forget deep valleys and long ridges of Africa. America has also a better view of scenic places like Florida, Kansas, and Boston. The USA has 58 national parks riched with safari elements. Take time to explore them.


Besides, they have so many facilities for a traveler. The govt. provides enough securities for them. Moreover, you can find many kinds of hotels around tourist places.


Exploring other countries can be fun. But you have to face some important checklists before visiting there. Here the main checklists are to get Tourist Visa from Bangladesh

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