• Basic Information

  • Capital City: Nicosia

  • Language: Cyprus Official languages

  • Currency: Euro

  • Local Time: GMT +2

  • Telephone Code: +357

  • Banks: The Bank is closed every Saturday and every Sunday.

  • Exchange Rate: 1.00 Euro (Cyprus euro) is similar to 93.37 BDT

  • Population: 1.17 million

  • GDP: $ 21.65 billion

  • Total area: 9,251 km²

  • Largest City: Nicosia

  • Popular Travel Destinations: Famagusta, Akamas Peninsula, Nicosia, Protaras, Kyrenia, Larnaca.

  • Reasons to Visit Cyprus

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and its beaches are absolutely amazing. Crystal clear sea along with tidy and neat beaches will make you feel like you are in a paradise on Earth. And when you add the fact that the most of the year is sunny, you’ll get the recipe for an unforgettable experience.The most popular beaches are those in Ayia Napa, but the one that is the most interesting is the beach in Paphos with the famous “Aphrodite’s Rock”. The legend says that the birth of the Greek goddess happenexactly on this beach, more precisely, that she rose from the sea which surrounds the rock.The history of Cyprus is more than 10 000 years old and many monuments witness the cultural change over the past centuries. Since we have already mentioned that Cyprus is culturally very diverse, it is logical to expect a rich historical

background. The best “trip” to past can be found in Cyprus Museum in the capital, Nicosia. The museum has an enviable collection of artefacts dating back to Neolithic and Byzantine age. Besides ancient Greek ruins like Amathus and Korion in Limassol and old Turkish mosques, there are even traces of old Venetian culture such as the Venetian walls in Nicosia which are considered to be the best example of ideal Renaissance city.Cyprus has three World Heritage sites, with Pafos (which has been the cultural capital of Europe in 2017)and its mosaics and the Aphrodite rock being most important and known ones. The other world heritage sites are Painted Churches in the Troodos Region and Choirokoitia in the Larnaca district. Also well known is the Ancient amphitheater of Kurion near Limassol. Cyprus is also home to some of the oldest water wells in the world.Cyprus is mostly made up of Greeks; and Turks comprise a smaller percentage, which makes most Cypriot dishes Greek and Turkish. When you visit Cyprus, you will get a chance to sample their favourite starter meal known as mezedes. This is made up of a variety of up to 20 smaller dishes that are mainly fish, meat,and vegetables. You also cannot miss trying the spicy Loukaniko sausages, among many other mouth-watering foods. The island enjoys a nearly perfect Mediterranean climate, which is not only among the warmest but also the most stable climates in Europe, with an average annual temperature of about 75°F. Cyprus thus experiences warm winters with few rainy days, and summers that are most of the time dry and hot. There is no bad time to visit Cyprus, as you can anticipate good weather all the time without fear of your vacation being disrupted by rains or extreme cold.

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