• Basic Information

  • Capital City: Ottawa

  • Language: English, French

  • Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD)

  • Local Time: GMT -3.30

  • Telephone Code: +1

  • Banks: Closed on Saturday and Sunday

  • Exchange Rate: 00 CAD (Canadian Dollar) is equivalent to 58.29 BDT.

  • Population: 37,602,103

  • Population: 37,602,103

  • GDP: $1.930 Trillion

  • Total area: 3,855,100 square mile

  • Largest City: Toronto.

  • Popular Travel Destinations: Niagra Falls, Manitoba, Whistler, Quebec City and so on!

  • Reasons to Visit Canada

Tourist Visa for Canada will give you the opportunity to visit there. Now, what opportunity is Canada giving for an adventure tour? Let’s find out.


It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t know about the Northern Lights. The lights can be found in Canada. You can find 9 places there to see these hypnotic awesome lights.


Polar bears are something you must see in your lifetime. This creature is not available all over the world. To see them, you need to explore icy Manitoba or Hudson Bay in Canada.


Not every time seeing is the goal to everyone while visiting, eating is some people’s goal too. Canada offers you great foods with superb taste. For that kind of person, Poutine is can try the food. Poutine is the national food of Canada.

Tourist Visa Canada

Nature lovers can visit the rocky place there. There is an area of 1,500 kilometers in Canda at the border area which is fully covered with rocks and mountains. Wildlife at there is very much attracting for the tourists.


The great Niagra Falls isn’t unknown to the visitors. Canda has this awesome place. Your Canda tour can be felt empty without giving a visit here.

Besides the local people are also so friendly and their lifestyle will enhance your attractions. For getting Canada Tourist Visa from Bangladesh, you need some essentials. Let’s find out what are those:

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