• Basic Information

  • Capital City: Canberra.

  • Language: English.

  • Currency: Australlian Dollar (AUD).

  • Local Time: UTC +8, +9.5, +10

  • Telephone Code: +61

  • Banks: Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Exchange Rate: 1.00 AUD (Australian Dollar) is similar to 56.31 BDT.

  • Population: 25,516,800

  • GDP: $1.500 Trillion.

  • Total area: 2,969,907 square mile.

  • Largest City: Sydney.

  • Popular Travel Destinations: Sydney Opera House, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Uluru-Kata National Park, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Blue Mountains National Park, Melbourne, Bondi beach an so on.

  • Reasons to Visit Australia

Australia is a place you should pay a visit if you are capable of it. Let’s know the reasons what wonder this place has hidden inside for that everyone wants Tourist Visa for Australia.

Australia is a place enriched with many natural wonders, plenty of wildlife, beaches with a great scene and large expanse of the outback.

It has a Great Barrier Reef which is fantastically wonderful. It is one of the great barrier systems in the world. You can have fabulous world-class diving opportunities. You can see beautiful vibrant coral, turtles, sharks and so on other beautiful creatures of the sea!

Sydney is known for its great opera house and harbor. You can do surf here with great experience. You can find Chinese Park here. It’s so quiet and peaceful to relax your mind and soul. Darling Harbour here has great places for restaurants. You can get the best food in Australia here.

Tourist Visa Australia

A place called Uluru will blow your mind away when you can see a giant rock is covering eight kilometers of land in there. Here you can see the best sunset cause the iron in the rock produces of orange and red shades at that time.

Besides, Australia has some great wine regions which include Margaret River, Hunter Valley, and Barossa valley. This scenic beauty is beyond description.

Visiting other countries earns great experiences but you need to gather some stuff to visit there. The necessaries are described below to get Australia Tourist Visa from Bangladesh:

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