• Basic Information

  • Capital City: Stockholm

  • Language: Swedish

  • Currency: Swedish Krona

  • Local Time: Swedenis GMT/UTC + 1h during Standard Time Sweden is GMT/UTC + 2h during Daylight Saving Time

  • Telephone Code: +46

  • Banks: Swedish banks are closed on Saturdays. The legal time in Sweden will be advanced by one hour (i.e. to GMT + 2) from the last Sunday in March.

  • Exchange Rate: 1.00 Swedish Krona (Sweden) is similar to 8.82 BDT

  • Population: 10.12 billion

  • GDP: $ 538Trillion

  • Total area: 450,295 km²

  • Largest City: Stockholm

  • Popular Institute for Study: Karolinska Institute. Karolinska Instituteprides itself on its world-class medical research, Lund University, Uppsala University, Stockholm University, University of Gothenburg.

  • Reasons to Study in Sweden

Sweden has a glorious long and proud history of academic excellence and despite its relatively small population, it has some of the world’s best universities. The entire Swedish higher education system is ranked as one of the best in the world. International students in Sweden will find a strong focus on rationality, reason and applying knowledge so that it may make a real difference. We should keep in mind the Nobel Prize, the world’s most prestigious academic distinction, is an outstanding illustration of the Swedish approach. As an international student here you’ll become part of this tradition of academic excellence. Swedish universities are well-adapted to the needs of international students, and Sweden consistently ranks in the top three in the world for English proficiency.

Sweden Student Visa

You’ll be able to use English with everyone you meet, from the classroom to the city centre. As an international student here you can apply for a work permit and enjoy the work-life balance that Sweden is famous for. Though your studies are your number-one priority, there’s no legal limit to the amount of hours international students can work during their studies. After completing your studies, you can apply to extend your residence permit to look for work for up to six months. Moreover, Sweden is clean and safe, and the standard of living is high. So now it is the time to get ready to go Sweden for best education and career.

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