• Basic Information

  • Capital City: Tokyo

  • Language: Japanese

  • Currency: yen

  • Local Time: UTC+08:00, +09:00

  • Telephone Code: +81

  • Banks: Closed on Saturdays, Sundays.

  • Exchange Rate: 1.00 yen (Japanese) is similar to 0.78 BDT

  • Population: 126.8 million

  • GDP: $ 4.872 Trillion

  • Total area: 377,973 km²

  • Largest City: Tokyo

  • Popular Institute for Study: International University of Japan, Kansai Kokusai Gakuin (Japanese Language School), Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, School of Global Studies, Tama University, School of Global Studies, Tama University and others.

  • Reasons to Study in Japan

Japan is one of the best countries in the world for not only jobs but also for world quality education for the international students. Japan has many renowned universities for studying. For that, many students want to go Japan for education.
Study in Japan creates a lot of opportunities for international students for world best quality education. Tuition fees in Japan is less expensive than Europe, USA, Canada & Australia. Moreover, there are huge opportunities for part time job for international students in Japan. It is very convenient for them to afford their educational expenses by self earning.
Now it is the best time for the international students to go to Japan to fulfill in their cherished dream for higher quality education. So, get ready to go to Japan for enhancing your global experience and make you fit for the global citizen.

Japan Student Visa
  • Procedure

If you decide to pack your bags and study abroad in Japan with the 130 million locals of Japan, you’ll need to secure a passport, student visa and, if you decide to work, a work visa. Contact the Japanese consulate or embassy at least six months before you leave for Japan to make sure you have your documentation in order. Working or interning while you study abroad in Japan can allow you to collect Japanese Yen (the colorful currency of Japan) meet new people, and discover how video games, hybrid vehicles, and components of iPods are made. Studying abroad in Japan is a learning experience for any student; especially those studying science, technology, finance or industrial design are of interest to you. Japan is amongst the most technologically advanced in the world and its manufacturing of electronics, appliances and motor vehicles is quickly changing the world. It is home to companies like Nintendo and Toyota and is leading the world in scientific and technological research. Its stock exchange and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency are amongst the most prestigious and aggressive in the world. The Temple University, Japan Campus, study abroad program offers courses in a wide variety of disciplines such as art, art history, Asian studies, economics, film and media arts, history, international business studies, Japanese, political science.

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