• Basic Information

  • Capital City: Ottawa.

  • Language: English, French.

  • Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD)

  • Local Time: GMT -3.30

  • Telephone Code: +1

  • Banks: Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Exchange Rate: 1.00 CAD (Canadian Dollar) is equivalent to 58.29 BDT.

  • Population: 37,602,103

  • GDP: $1.930 Trillion

  • Total area: 3,855,100 square mile.

  • Largest City: Toronto.

  • Popular Universities: University of Toronto, McGill University, York University, University of Ottawa and others.

  • Reasons to Study in Canada

Their quality of education is such a great opportunity for a student. Canadian Universities provide a high ranked education-based system. Their government pays a good concentration to the foreign students.


Their teachers are also so friendly and efficient. They offer you the right time course starts and ends for all of your courses.


The courses are flexible and you can have good library support from any university you choose. You can get various jobs to do that can earn you some extra money. The study time isn’t so excessive and the courses start and end at the right time. So you can’t find any lag in their study process.

Student Visa Canada

 They are also technologically advanced in their universities. So all of your academic works become easy here.

You can find Accounting, Finance, Economics, Law, Journalism, Pharmacy and other subjects here.

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