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Planning your next international trip? Let Visaply take care of the processing, while you pack. Visaply is a professional travel and visa processing agency in Bangladesh. We at Visaply have a host of experts who have had years of experience in the travel and tourism industry. Whether you want to travel for work, studies, Hajj or just pleasure, Visaply’s specialists have got you covered. You’ll be in the hands of best visa agent in Bangladesh. Get in touch with our visa agent in Dhaka today!

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Tourist Visa


Tourist Visa

Plan your holidays to popular destinations around the world. We help you get tourist visas to France, Japan, India, and many other countries at the best prices. Out tourist visa consultants will provide customized tourist visa services and address all your immigration related concerns.

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Student Visa


Student Visa

Fulfill your higher education dreams in some of the best countries of the world. We provide a suite of student visa services, which include consultancy and assistance, along with advice on paperwork. Our qualified consultants will be with you every step of the way so that you can secure your student visa and thereby your future.

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Work Visa


Work Visa

Looking to attain a work permit visa in Japan, Singapore or any part of Europe? We help obtain work visa to 13 countries in the world. With the help of our expert staff, you can get your visa processing done quickly so you can start working in your dream workplace abroad within the shortest possible time.

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Umrah Hajj Visa


Umrah Hajj Visa

When you plan on performing Hajj or Umrah, finding a reliable agency can be a daunting task.  We understand how important it is for you to have a smooth pilgrimage. So, let us take care of the paperwork and the background so that you can concentrate on what really matters – your complete submission to the Almighty.

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Visa processing can be quite daunting to follow through on your own. Applying for visa means frequent trips to High Commissions, standing in queues, paperwork, interviews and a lot of things that can feel quite overwhelming for a person doing it for the first time. We at Visaply, however, understand the complexities, rules and regulations involved in visa processing. We have been providing visa processing services BD for years now and know who to go to, what to expect and how to handle situations that may come up. As a visa agent in Bangladesh, we know how to make the process hassle free for you and get the job done. 

We have a highly experienced and dedicated team of visa agents in Dhaka that you can consult with and together chalk out the best and quickest way to get your visa. We make sure to double check every little detail so you don’t have to suffer any last minute hold-ups or issues. So come, drop by, and leave all your travel worries with us. Let us deal with the background work while you think about how you are going to have the trip of your lifetime.

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What is a visa?2019-09-29T16:59:00+00:00

A visa is a sort of authorization that a country grants to someone wishing to enter the country. It is granted in the form of a sticker endorsed on the applicant’s passport.

My visa was damaged. What should I do?2019-09-29T16:59:46+00:00

Visit the embassy or consulate of the relevant country and let them examine to see if the visa needs to be replaced. If the damage takes place during travel, ensure that you retain the original visa copy and a copy of the immigration stamp. Present all necessary documents to the immigration officer and once you are cleared to leave and you arrive back, visit the concerned embassy and apply for a new visa.

My passport with my visa was stolen, what should I do?2019-09-29T16:55:35+00:00

In such cases, report to the local police. You also need to report to the country’s embassy with a copy of the original passport and visa. You will be given a police report with details of the incident. Make sure you make extra copies of this. You will need to seek a new visa, as the old visa will get cancelled.

What is an e-Visa?2019-09-29T17:00:44+00:00

E-visa is short for electronic visa. It is a visa that you can obtain by applying online through the country’s visa website.

What do I need for my e-Visa application?2019-09-29T17:01:40+00:00

You need to an email address so that you can be contacted regarding your online application. You will also need a passport, a 45mm x 35mm Digital Photo in JPEG format and your address in Bangladesh.

What are the advantages of e-Visa?2019-09-29T17:02:43+00:00

An e-visa is very easy to apply for. All you need is an internet connection. You save time on visa application and can avoid standing in queues and can get everything done by yourself. However, it is important to note that not all countries provide e-visa facility.

Which countries allow the application of e-visa for Bangladeshi citizens?2019-09-29T17:06:08+00:00

There are 13 countries that allow application for e-visa. These include Cambodia, Djibouti, Gabon, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Qatar, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

What type of visa will I need for working?2019-09-29T17:07:39+00:00

If you plan to immigrate to a country to work, you will need to obtain a work permit visa.

How long does a student visa last in China?2019-09-29T17:08:48+00:00

The Chinese student visa is also called as the X visa. If the visa is obtained for short-term study, then it is valid for up to 180 days. For long term study, however, visa is valid for more than 180 days.

What are the main requirements to study in Malaysia?2019-09-29T17:09:38+00:00

Before applying to study in a college or university in Malaysia you need to take a look at the admission requirements, reputation of the university, facilities, etc. Make sure that you meet the requirements specified for the course you wish to sign up for. Also make sure you are aware of the living cost, books, expenditures, in addition to the course fees.

Can you help me with a Student Visa?2019-09-29T17:10:29+00:00

Yes, our consultants have years of experience and know exactly what universities at different countries look for. We will guide on all the paperwork necessary, scholarship opportunities and even give a guideline on how you should write your motivation letter and statement of purpose.

Can you help me with my Work Visa?2019-09-29T17:11:44+00:00

Yes, our professionals will guide you every step of the way, including correspondences with high commissions, embassies, etc.


Well, you may ask, Visaply is not the only visa processing agency in Bangladesh and there are many other visa agents in Dhaka. What then makes us different? Just about anyone can open up an agency and offer visa processing services BD. But not everyone lives up to their promises. We at visaply make sure that we follow through on every promise. Because of years of experience in the travel industry, we know the kinds of travel related issues that can come up. As such we are always prepared and make sure that our clients too are made aware of these issues well in advance. We have also always maintained impeccable relationships with embassies and High Commissions of the different countries that we offer visa processing services for. This way, we make sure that we are on top of any changes in rules or laws and that we can amicably solve any of your travel related issues.

The staff over at Visaply are quite experienced. They had solutions for my every concern. I got my US Tourism Visa within an unexpectedly short time, and that too hassle free. I would definitely recommend Visaply for your visa processing requirements.

- Alauddin Ahmed

I got my Canada visa with the kind help of Visaply. Their staff were extremely helpful and informative. I did not have to worry about any aspects of the visa processing at all. I just got up when called for the biometric and the interview and got my visa ready in no time.

- Bilal Rahman

Visaply provided me with a great seamless experience. They helped me obtain my Hajj visa and I was able to have a smooth, fulfilling, hassle-free and worry-free pilgrimage. I am thankful to Visaply for helping me fulfill this lifelong dream of performing hajj.

- Ahmed Jehan

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